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Stone walls and rose garden
Panning, Farmhouse and Majella
Hermitage of San Bartholomew
Hike on the Majella
One double bedroom
Decontra,farmhouse entrance
Double room
The dining room
Lunaria rediviva
Entrance rooms
The house of Lara
Goat's beard
Front garden
Grandma's house Rosa
Hummingbird in search of pollen
The Majella massif
Marsicano brown bear
Kitchenette Ciclamini
Our products
Hermitage of San Giovanni all'Orfento
Wolf of Abruzzo
The family Sanelli
Master bedroom
Cultivation of daisies
Our Lady of Coccia
Old restored barn
Tulips in the mountains
The Majella mountain in winter
Valley Giumentina
Excursion on the Majella
The squirrel
Wild carnation
Castle of Roccascalegna
The peak of the Majella
Clover woody
Farmhouse under the Maiella
Robinia pseudoacacia
Panorama of the massif
Excursion in the Park
Caramanico Baths
Hermitage of San Giovanni all'Orfento
Master bedroom
Agrimonia eupatoria
Our products
Abruzzo chamois
Park of Majella
The precipice
Grandfather Paolino
The little church of Decontra
Majella massif
Ancient lithography of the Majella