Ecobiofarmhouse Pietrantica

It 'a young organic farm that was founded in 2000 to promote an ambitious project of local development with sustainability in the Majella National Park. Currently the company is certified PAN PARKS and collaborate with this international organization for the development of responsible tourism. We live here in Decontra and what drives us to you is the passion for our land and our products, such as legumes and cereals ancient of biodiversity, simple, healthy and natural.


The complex comes from some old barns skilfully restored in full respect of the original materials and construction techniques: the Maiella stone and wood floors, in its consistency of these assumptions, we have maintained over the space allocations original renovating six en-suite and two apartments with kitchenette and fireplace and all rooms are fully self contained ...


Bread in the parks during your stay, you can rediscover the flavors of the past such as homemade bread, but not only, you can relive the days of threshing, rediscover the manual in cookies made by you and entertain you with stories of an old shepherd farmer named Pauline that will make you relive those good old days. The event that we present is therefore dedicated to the bakery with all those phases intriseche that once were part of a way of life very different from nowadays ...


In the company operates ethically, in full compliance with the agrosystem.

The natural environment which frames awonderful view over.

The organic canteen, in the old barn has the scent of seasonal mountain.

Mostly vegetarian cuisine with typical dishes of Abruzzo.

Numerous walks and trekking can be carried directly from the agritourism.

The natural environment which frames offers a wonderful view.

Our Majella National Park

The Majella massif, almost lunar-shaped roundabout, stands between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine mountain range dominates the landscape. A mountain range with over thirty peaks above 2000m. which stands in the heart of Italy and reaching, with Mount Amaro 2795 mt. The scenery is breathtaking valleys and meadows, caves carved into the stone leading up to the slopes covered with forests. And 'here, in the realm of magic mountain and earth mother who was born on the Majella National Park, in order to protect the rich biodiversity of the area. Biodiversity must then add the charm of abbeys, hermitages of Celestine V and historical centers medoevali, scattered throughout the territory of the mountain range, which have contributed to an old and charming world where time seems, even today, have stopped to render tribute to one such extraordinary beauty.

The Majella National Park was officially awarded the certification by the International Foundation Pan Parks. Making it the eighth park in Europe and the first in all of Western Europe and the Mediterranean to obtain such recognition.

The Park of the Wolf, the Bear, the vast high-altitude plateaus and wild canyons and impressive, but also the Park of the hermitages, the Abbeys, dry stone huts, the wonderful historic centers of the municipalities that are part of.

The mountains of Abruzzo is a fascinating destination for everyone. The part of the regional territory, its history, its cultural, artistic, archaeological and environmental features more strongly this region.

They say about us...

Comment | released by: Dorothe

It 'been a wonderful week, in the midst of nature and silence breathtaking, Marisa the lady of the house is amazing and polite and discreet Camillo whole family including grandfather are very kind and helpful you feel really at home not to mention some great dinners! I hope to return and would recommend anyone stay from them. Dorothe and Hans.

Comment | released by: Alessandra

I chose this agritourism trusting the reviews on this site were ... and they were all true! To get there you follow a road that opens the view over the whole horizon surrounding .. The view is breathtaking .. The Agritourism is located at the end of this road ... and the road ends where the Agritourism is located .. It seems to be far from the world .. do not take the phones, do not pass cars and you do not hear nearly a fly .. In short, a small corner of silence in this chaotic world .. The friendliness, simplicity and sweetness of Marisa, Grandfather Pauline and Camillo, are the framework for everything .. It starts taking with them the memories of how good it is to live the days of simplicity it offers the earth ... and the grandeur that comes in whether it is appreciated .. I have the memory of Marisa children who eat breakfast with us in the morning ... and that make you look charming in how the children are rare! Thanks for the wonderful weekend.

Comment | released by: Francesca

A nice place, a nice atmosphere, nice family to manage it all, a very good dinner and a breakfast more than complete!

Comment | released by: Alessandro

Spectacular location in the beautiful village of Decontra, Majella and immediately downstream Orfento there. Marisa makes you feel so at home that you might think it's a your kinswoman that you do not see for a while '. Accommodation and perfect services. Breakfast and unforgettable meals with all the fantastic products from their local production.

Comment | released by: Angela

Thanks to the amiable and affable Marisa who runs the Agritourism with her husband with efficiency and friendliness. If magna da ... Marisa .. great breakfast with his good jams and dinners ... oh God that good!!! All this in a beautiful and peaceful scenery and with good company. A beautiful memory of Paul also its history and experience told with simplicity and feeling. We'll see you next year, thanks Marisa!


Comment | released by: Holland. Pim and Gertie

Dear Marisa,

Nice to hear from you! In case it helps you: feel free to use my pictures on your website. Your website is very attractive and has already beautiful pictures! Incidently while I was reading an article on holiday travelling in the Dutch newspaper "De Volkskrant" I noticed your Agriturismo Pietrantica was mentioned as an example of good nature preservation combined with an beautiful vacation accommodation. Maybe you recognise the author since he was in your agriturismo some time ago. Surprise, isn't it? I scanned some portions of that page and translated the Dutch into English (my Italian is not that good as you know...). See the section below. Hope it enjoys you. Love and greetings from Mierlo.


Article from "De Volkskrant", section "Travelling", saturday 6 July 2013


Louis Frankenhuis (64) Former director of OAD, TUI and KRAS. (Major Dutch travel organisations) President of nature organisation PAN Parcs. 'I am in this travel branch since 1983. I admit I have been pushing mass tourism from the Netherlands. There is still an almost primary need for sun and beaches. But I think touroperators have to focus more on offering unique experiences in the future. Holidays adding something really special to your personal experiences. For example PAN Parcs, one of the big natural parcs in Europe. They try to combine environmental protection and the interest of the local communities. I myself visited the Majella Parc in the Italian Abruzzo. We stayed with a farmer in Agriturismo Pietrantica and had a course on nature photography. Peasant woman Marisa cooks with vegetables from her own kitchen garden and serves wine from her own vineyard. At reasonable prices and with the pleasant feeling that your money helps to preserve that beautiful area.


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